De Poepdokter (NL) De Poepdokter (NL) De Poepdokter (NL)

De Poepdokter (NL)


Billions of bacteria live in your guts. Your bacteria affect you, but you also affect your bacteria! If you are kind to them, they are kind to you. In this book about the gut and gut flora you can read how to keep the bacteria in your body happy.

After reading this book you know everything about:

  • Digestion (and how it actually works)
  • Gut flora (and what it does for you)
  • Diet and lifestyle (and why)
  • Keep your gut flora healthy (and what to eat)
  • What you can do (and what to leave to a professional)



3 easy steps!

1. Lift your legs

2. Unload the goods

3. Feel the difference